What Bugs Are Mistaken For Bed Bugs?

The bedbug is often mistaken for other types of insects. Mites are similar in appearance to bedbugs, but do not bite humans. Instead, they feed on other insects, dead plants, and animals. These bugs are easily spread by animals. They can also cause rashes or allergies. Fleas are similar in appearance to bedbugs and can also cause itchy skin.

It is important to properly identify bedbugs to avoid spreading them throughout your home. It can be difficult to spot them in the first place, especially if they are in small numbers. However, pest management professionals can help you identify and treat them. Identifying bedbugs in the early stages of an infestation is the most effective way to stop its spread. Misdiagnosed infestations may lead to an even worse infestation.

A bedbug infestation will leave small red itchy bumps on the skin. In addition to the bites, you may also notice a musty or moldy smell. These odors are usually the result of the insects’ excrement. You can also spot black and yellow specks or rusty stains on the mattress seams.

Some other bugs are mistaken for bed bugs, including spider beetles, spiders, and booklice. The former are commonly found near beds and food storage areas, and resemble bed bugs in color, but are not the same as bed bugs. Spider beetles are oval in shape and between one and five mm long. They have long legs and hairy bodies. Booklice are very similar to bedbugs, but they are not a threat to humans.

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