What is the Best Way to Kill Bed Bugs?

If you think you have a bedbug infestation, the best way to kill them is to treat the area around the mattress using a combination of products. This will help get rid of the bugs, as well as remove any eggs that are left behind. Using a vacuum cleaner can also help get rid of the bugs. After cleaning, put the vacuum cleaner bag into a garbage can and discard it outdoors.

Checking for bed bugs is the first step, but you must be very careful and not cross-contaminate the other rooms in the house. If you find any, make sure to take notes of where you found them. Using packing tape, you can also attach bedbug eggs or nymphs.

If you cannot get rid of the bugs by vacuuming, you can try using baking soda or diatomaceous earth. These substances are effective in killing bed bugs, as they absorb moisture and die as a result. It is important to vacuum the affected area after applying the baking soda, and repeat the procedure every few days. Rock salt is another great way to kill bed bugs. This sedimentary rock works wonders against all bugs, though it may take several days to kill bedbugs.

Another option to kill bed bugs without chemicals is by using heat. You can purchase a heat chamber, which is usually cheaper than $200. You can also expose the contaminated items to summer temperatures, as this will kill the bugs in a matter of hours.

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