What Are Bed Bugs Look Like?

To identify bedbugs, look for specks of blood near the seams of your bed. In addition, they may leave a rusty or musty odor. Bedbugs are tiny insects that require blood to survive and moult. When they feed, they increase in size by one to two times. You can usually spot them around the box spring, headboard, and mattress.

Bedbugs feed by piercing your skin in several locations. They may also bite you through windows and screens. The bites may also remain bloody for a short period after eating. If you’ve noticed bloodstains in areas of your home, you may want to remove these items as soon as possible.

Fortunately, bedbugs don’t usually cause serious health problems, but they can cause sleepless nights. It is recommended that you check for bedbug signs in areas near where you sleep, and call a professional exterminator if you see them. An exterminator knows how to identify the signs so that he or she can provide you with the best treatment possible.

While bedbugs and ticks can bite humans, a tick is the more common problem. Ticks transmit pathogens through their bites, while bedbugs are more common at night. In addition, bedbugs and ticks can be mistaken for one another if you don’t know the difference.

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