How Much Is Bed Bug Heat Treatment?

If you want to rid your home of bed bugs, you should consider bed bug heat treatment. It is effective for many users, but can be costly and risky. It uses heavy equipment and kerosene or diesel to heat up a home, which exposes bedbugs to harmful chemicals. As a result, most professionals have moved on to slower, more affordable methods. However, these methods may require repeated follow-ups to eliminate all remaining bedbugs.

Bed bug heat treatment costs between $300 and $4,000 per room. The exterminator pumps hot air into the infested area. Because bedbugs are unable to tolerate this high heat, they are killed at every stage of their life cycle. The process also does not prevent reinfestation, which makes it expensive. Exterminators often use generators to keep their electricity costs low.

While you can use over-the-counter pesticides to kill bedbugs, they do not work as well as professional treatments. Professionals have special equipment and advanced formulas to kill bedbugs. The treatment typically takes two to three hours, and your home must be well-ventilated afterwards.

When selecting an exterminator, make sure the company offers follow-up inspections and treatment. In some cases, these follow-up inspections are included in the initial price. However, further treatments will be priced separately. Most companies also offer regular contracts that are priced based on the frequency of inspections. One yearly inspection costs approximately $750 to $950, and semi-monthly inspections can cost anywhere from $5,500 to $8350.

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