How Long Do Bed Bugs Eggs Hatch?

When bed bugs lay eggs, you may wonder how long it will take them to hatch. Bedbug eggs have a sensitivity to heat and will hatch within three to four days at the right temperature. The temperature must be maintained for at least 90 minutes, or the eggs will not hatch. After the eggs hatch, they will continue to develop and reach adulthood.

Once the eggs have hatched, bedbugs will reproduce rapidly. One adult female can lay about five or six eggs per day. This means that in a week, you can expect to have up to forty bugs in your home. The new bedbugs will hatch after they reach the nymph stage, and can multiply very rapidly.

The eggs of the bedbug are white and small, and are typically deposited at the location of an infestation. They may be clustered close to each other or scattered all over the place. The first hatched eggs do not hatch at the same time, and the eggs may be completely empty or have been broken up by a nymph.

The average adult bedbug can live up to a year. The eggs lay one egg every day, and they can lay up to twenty eggs in a 10-day period. While some eggs may not hatch, their mortality rate is very low, and almost all of them will hatch in the right conditions. In five to six weeks, bedbug nymphs will develop into adults.

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