How to Prevent Getting Bed Bugs From Going to Someone’s House

There are two ways to prevent getting bed bugs: first, you should never enter a room that is infested with bedbugs. In addition, you should never bring anything from a friend’s house into your own. Bedbugs can hide in electronics, toys, and clothes. Lastly, you should always change into new clothes before going inside a home with bedbugs. If you do bring old clothing, you should wash it in hot water and dry it in a high-heat dryer.

Although bedbugs are not contagious, they can be spread from one room to another, especially in a shared living space. They can be spread by people, pets, and household items. Bedbugs hide in clothing and can move from one place to another through a room’s openings. They can even hide in the joints of drawers and furniture, so it’s important to avoid infested furniture.

If you’re worried about the possibility of getting bed bugs, check the beds, mattresses, and walls of the home you’re staying in often. If you suspect there are bugs, call an exterminator to come and get rid of them. You should also inspect upholstered furniture and second-hand furniture to be safe.

After visiting a friend’s house, wash your clothes thoroughly. It’s best to do this as soon as possible. If you can’t do this, you should take them to the laundry machine as soon as possible.

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