Will Washing Clothes Kill Bed Bugs?

When washing clothes with bedbugs, be sure to use hot water and the highest temperature that is recommended. After washing, place the clothes in large trash bags and seal them. You can wash your clothes in the washing machine or in the dryer. Use regular detergent to remove any bedbugs from the clothes. If you prefer to skip this step, use water-soluble laundry bags.

Using an enzyme-based fabric stain remover will break down bedbug stains and make them easier to remove in the washer. In addition to this, use plastic bags to prevent the spread of the bugs and the spread of the stains. Also, sort the clothes into light and dark colors, and separate delicates.

When washing your clothes, be sure to read the instructions for the machine. This will let you know the right temperature and duration for the wash. You should also check the clothes to see if they are free of bed bugs. If there are no signs of bedbugs, you can dry them in the dryer, which kills the bugs more quickly than the air.

Another way to kill bed bugs is to seal them in plastic bags and freeze them. However, this method takes some time. Bed bugs can survive up to two months in warm temperatures and for a year in temperatures above 50 degrees. If you’re not willing to wait for the freezing process, you can also hire a laundry service to wash the items and deliver them to you after washing. There are many such services available.

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