How Large Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are a nuisance but they can be prevented if you take the right precautions. The first thing to do is to remove any clutter around your bed. This includes stuffed toys, additional bedding, and any smaller electronics. These items should be thrown out or bagged to prevent the spread of the insects.

The next thing to do is to check your bedding for blood marks. These are the result of an insect excreting blood. You may also find these marks on your mattress, pillowcases, and other objects. It is important to note that they will often cluster together. They can be quite difficult to spot unless you are able to see where they live and feed.

Adult bed bugs are reddish brown in color and have an oval body. Their color changes to a purplish-red color after consuming human blood. The size of an adult bed bug can vary from a quarter to a third of an inch in length. They can move about three to four feet per minute.

During their early stages, bed bugs are almost invisible. They begin out as small nymphs that are translucent and change color. As they grow up, they will become darker. Once they finish feeding, they will have about six legs and two antennae. Bed bugs can be found on mattresses, box springs, upholstery, walls, and floors.

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