How is it Possible to Get Bed Bugs?

If you’ve ever wondered how is it possible to get bed bugs, you’re not alone. Bedbugs are tiny, brownish oval insects that feed on the blood of humans. Once they feed, their bodies swell and expand, making them red and half the size of their original size. They also leave dark spots on the bed’s surface caused by their blood-filled droppings. These bugs can be easily detected with a bright flashlight.

The most common source of bedbug infestation is travel. Make sure that you inspect any temporary residence where you stay and the areas around the bed to ensure that it is free of bed bugs. If you find any, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact a lawyer to determine if you’re eligible for a claim.

Bedbugs can be transported from one place to another by people, luggage, and furniture. They don’t discriminate between clean and dirty environments, so they can easily infest a home. Bedbugs are more likely to be found in crowded lodgings, such as hotels, and in rooms with frequent occupant turnover. You can reduce the chances of getting bedbugs by reducing clutter and keeping rooms clean.

Bedbugs usually infest bedrooms, so taking precautions is important. Vacuum the area around the bed and clean the area around it thoroughly. Using trash bags to store suitcases is also a good idea, especially during hotel stays. After your return, it is important to wash all of your clothes on high heat, as bedbugs will easily transfer to your clothes and luggage.

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