Do I Need to Call an Exterminator For Bed Bugs?

Before calling an exterminator, you need to assess your infestation. First, remove all your bed sheets and mattress. Then, check underneath your mattress with a flashlight to see if there are any live bedbugs. You can also see adult bedbugs with the naked eye. If you find an adult, then you should call an exterminator for bed bug control.

Bedbugs are not invincible and cannot survive high temperatures or heat. You can use various products and methods to kill the bugs. The best way to kill the insects without calling an exterminator is to remove the hiding places. You can also use steam cleaning and vacuuming.

Bedbugs are usually found in wood and fabric materials. They prefer to live close to their source of food, so they tend to congregate in rooms like the bedroom and kitchen. However, an infestation can occur anywhere. A good way to prevent the infestation is to use a bedbug detection device. These devices look like trays or bowls and can be placed around the home.

Once you have identified that your home is infested with bed bugs, you should clean and remove all affected items. If the exterminator cannot remove the infestation immediately, you can try moving out of the home while the exterminator works on it. After the exterminator finishes their work, you can often return home the same day.

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