How Do I Get Rid of My Furniture If I Have Bed Bugs?

Depending on the size and scope of the infestation, you may be able to leave your furniture outside for trash pickup or rent a dumpster. This is a drastic move but may be necessary if your furniture contains large quantities of bedbugs. Alternatively, you can contact a junk removal company to take care of the heavy lifting and transportation for you.

Before removing your furniture, make sure to remove all bedding and check for any signs of bedbugs. You should also remove the dust cover that covers the box springs and check seams underneath. Be sure to check underneath and around electrical outlets and around furniture. If you still find evidence of bedbugs, contact an exterminator immediately. The professionals know exactly where to look and can help you decide what to do next.

Once you have discovered that you are infested with bedbugs, you may want to treat your furniture with hot water and high heat. You should also use a vacuum with HEPA filters to pick up bedbug residue. While you are removing the furniture, you may want to place it in sealed plastic bags until bedbugs are gone.

In addition to inspecting furniture for signs of bedbugs, you should also look for feces. Bedbug feces often leave brown or rust-colored blood stains on the fabric. This is caused by the bedbugs feeding on human hosts.

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