How Do Bed Bugs Feed Their Young?

You may be wondering how bed bugs feed their young. These insects feed upon the blood of their host. This is their only means of survival as they are not yet able to reach the adult stage. Unlike adults, baby bed bugs cannot reach adulthood without regular blood feeding. In fact, their size increases up to 100% after feeding. The bites of baby bed bugs are just as irritating as those of adult bed bugs.

Once the female bedbug lays eggs, the eggs will hatch within six to eight weeks. The eggs are one mm wide, and feature a small black spot on them. The nymphs are immature for 7 to 10 days, but can begin feeding on blood immediately after hatching. Once they are fully mature, the female bedbug can mate with any of her offspring.

Bed bugs feed their young by shedding skin and digesting blood. After feeding, the nymphs change color from white to brown. This change in color is indicative of a feeding cycle. These bugs will then mature into adult bedbugs with brown coloring throughout their bodies. They also feed on the blood of their hosts.

Baby bed bugs look like a tiny version of their adult counterparts. They have smaller legs than adult bed bugs, and prefer to stay hidden and feed during the night. They also have less flat bodies than adult bed bugs. Despite their size, they are still young and vulnerable. If you spot a baby bed bug, act quickly to get rid of it. If left untreated, these bugs will overtake your entire home.

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