Does Bed Bugs Die in Cold Weather?

In cold weather, bed bugs don’t die. They acclimate to the cold, a rapid process that helps them survive the cold. As long as they acclimate well, they can survive even deeper temperatures. This process is exceptional, and it’s used by plants and insects to stay alive in harsh conditions.

In Alaska, the average temperature in winter is -32 degrees Fahrenheit. This is far colder than most of the U.S., but it’s not uncommon for this climate in the northern reaches of the United States. Windchill makes cold temperatures even colder. But bed bugs won’t experience the windchill if they can hide. Also, even if the temperature is constant, bed bugs won’t be exposed to the wind chill.

Although most insects don’t like cold weather, bed bugs aren’t immune to it. In fact, they adapt to very cold temperatures after several days. They can survive as low as 3.2 degrees Fahrenheit, and they can even survive for 80 hours in sub-zero temperatures.

The temperature of your house is a big factor in the duration of bites and feeding periods. However, if your house temperature stays constant, there’s little difference. Another factor to consider is the amount of travel the bugs can take during cold weather. As a result, they are less mobile and less happy to travel during cold weather, and they can die during a long journey.

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