Does Bed Bugs Bite Dogs?

Bedbugs are a nuisance for both you and your dog. They live in bedding, mattresses, and headboards and can attach to your dog’s fur. They can then infest your home. If you suspect your dog has bedbugs, you need to take steps to treat your pet for the disease.

In general, bedbugs will not attack your dog unless it is near their home. They will not survive outside. Nevertheless, you should be careful when traveling with your dog. The first step is to check the hotel room for signs of bedbug infestation. Check for the presence of live bed bugs or the exoskeletons of the insects. Look for these signs around the seams of bedding, as well as the tags.

Bedbugs feed during the night. If there isn’t a suitable meal for them during the night, they will attack during the day. Think about it, if you were hungry, you wouldn’t sleep; you’d go for food. In addition, bedbugs are attracted to heat and CO2 in an environment. Dogs, as well as cats, provide both heat and CO2 needed by the bugs.

Identifying an infestation is essential to curing it and preventing it from spreading. Getting rid of the problem requires patience and vigilance. Keep a clean home and make sure to wash bedding frequently. When cleaning the house, you should also inspect the bedding, furniture, and luggage. You should also invest in mattress liners and avoid bringing used furniture into your home.

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