Why Bed Bugs Appear at Night

Bedbugs can be extremely annoying, but they are not difficult to identify. They are red and itchy and are often present on the bed and sheets. They usually bite while you sleep and leave small, bloody bite marks. Bedbugs also produce bloodstains in their harborage areas. The easiest way to spot bedbugs is to use a bright flashlight.

Bedbugs are attracted to body heat and stable temperatures. They may also be attracted to clothing or the fur of an animal. During the day, these insects hide from humans, but they are more active at night. Bedbugs can be found in homes and in offices, so it is important to be aware of their presence.

Bedbugs can spread through neighboring apartments, electrical outlets, and balconies. This is why treating the premises with a bedbug-killing composition is essential. The treatment should be conducted simultaneously in all apartments. If possible, you should get the neighbors to do the same, so that the entire apartment is treated. This is an effective way to eliminate the blood-sucking insects.

Bedbugs feed primarily at night. They feed by biting open parts of the body. Unlike lice, they cannot fly away to seek blood. Because they need to feed regularly, they hide near their food source, waiting for a suitable moment to feed.

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