How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Without Throwing Everything Away

If you’ve found an infestation of bedbugs in your home, you may not want to throw away everything just yet. Instead, you can try a heat treatment. Bedbugs live about 10 months between feedings. It is not advisable to buy used mattresses, which are a good place for bedbugs to hide. You can also vacuum the entire room to remove the bedbugs.

The first place to look for bed bugs is your mattress. They like to feed in small cracks and piping along the edges of mattresses. They can fit through these holes and leave bite marks on your skin. If you find bite marks, you can vacuum the mattress again and check it in a couple of days.

Another option is to use a bed bug powder. These powders are available in the same places as spray pesticides. While the powder may not kill bed bugs instantly, it will prevent them from growing back. Use these powders where they are most likely to live and in the areas where they travel.

If you are using a home treatment, you should make sure to treat the entire room. This way, you’ll get rid of bed bugs without throwing anything away. You also want to use bedbug-proof covers to prevent future infestations.

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