Do Bed Bugs Take Blood?

The question “Do bed bugs take blood?” is an important one, especially if you are trying to protect your home or your bed from infestation. While these bugs can feed on other animals, the vast majority prefer human blood. Their feeding habits are quite similar to those of their bat cousins. They typically feed for three to fifteen minutes on exposed areas of the body. However, heavy feeding has been known to lead to significant blood loss, which may cause anemia or other complications.

In some cases, bedbugs can be extremely difficult to kill, and some insecticides have become resistant to their action. However, there are other methods available that can help you get rid of these pesky insects. You can buy interceptor monitors, which use a combination of active and passive techniques to trap the bugs as they go out for a blood meal. These monitors are small double-cupped devices that can be installed under the legs of your bed. These devices trap six times more bedbugs than visual searches.

Bedbug bites are usually painless during the attack, but most people develop an allergic reaction to the bedbug saliva transmitted by the insects. As a result, the bites usually become red and itchy. These bites also tend to appear in small clusters.

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