Can Bed Bugs Live Alone?

There is a myth that bed bugs only infest beds, but this is actually not the case. These bugs can enter other areas of a home, including furniture, backpacks, and other things. They are likely to be attracted to bed linens that are dirty, but they can also get into your home through tiny gaps. They can also be transported from one home to another through public transportation or luggage.

They can travel great distances to find a new host, and they can latch onto clothes, furniture, and other items. This makes it extremely difficult to determine whether a home is infested with bed bugs. The bugs also do not build a nest, so their presence can make it harder to detect them.

One way to identify bedbugs is to inspect the furniture. While you are checking for bedbugs in your bedroom, you should also inspect your couch and any used furniture. If you have visitors, you should also check your luggage. It is also important to inspect the laundry room and used furniture. If you see any signs of these bugs, you can take necessary steps to get rid of them.

You can also find a source of information on pest control by consulting a state government or a trade association. Some states have Co-Operative Extension offices, while others have University-level publications. There are also trade journals dedicated to pest management. The information you receive may be very useful.

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