Can You Use a Bed Bug Fogger in Your Car?

While foggers are a popular way to kill bedbugs, they have limitations. Foggers only work when bedbugs come into contact with the insecticide. That means they must reach the bugs, which may be deep in the upholstery. Fumigation, on the other hand, uses airborne pesticides to kill bedbugs. If you do plan to use a fogger in your car, read the directions carefully and follow them to the letter.

The interior of a car is a dark place, so it may be difficult to spot bedbugs. Therefore, a magnifying glass or powerful flashlight are necessary. When inspecting the interior of your car, pay special attention to fabric surfaces and upholstered seats. You can also use a diatomaceous earth or steam mist to kill the bugs.

Bug sprays and bombs are not a good option because they contain toxic chemicals and can be harmful to your health. Bug bombs can also be flammable, which makes them unsuitable for hot weather and car interiors. Besides, these products don’t reach all the bugs hiding in the cracks and crevices of a car interior.

Another alternative is to use a fogger while traveling. Foggers can kill bedbugs in a car’s interior without harming the occupants. These insects can be carried into cars on luggage. They can also attach themselves to clothing and luggage and move from one place to another.

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