Can You Use Bed Bug Spray on Clothes?

If you’ve noticed bedbugs on your clothes, there are some ways to get rid of them. First, you can use an insecticide to kill the bugs. However, this method is not completely effective, and the insecticide can cause the clothes to become stained. Secondly, you can use a spray that is specifically made for killing bugs.

Using a spray that contains a Permethrin-based product on clothes is an effective way to eliminate bedbugs. The chemical can kill bedbugs in the clothes without damaging the fabric. When using a spray, make sure to follow the washing instructions. Make sure you wash your clothes separately from other fabrics, as they could have bedbugs on them.

After you’ve sorted your clothes, put them into plastic bags. The bags should be tightly sealed to prevent the bedbugs from moving around. Then, load the clothes into your washing machine or dryer. Ensure you use the highest temperature possible and select the appropriate cycle. If the clothes are still in the bag, you can place them in the dryer instead of the washing machine.

In addition to bedbugs on bedding, they can also live on clothing. Fortunately, most bedbugs prefer dry weather and will not survive rain or puddles. In addition, clothes can be dried in hot water, which kills the insects.

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