Can Bed Bug Bites Burn?

Some people complain that bed bug bites can burn. However, the pain is usually not as intense as a bee sting. Most people complain of itching, which is a reaction to chemicals the bed bugs inject into their hosts during the bite. To ease the itching, apply calamine lotion or a baking soda paste.

Bedbugs are sensitive to movement. Therefore, they may need more than one bite to find a blood vessel. If you’re sensitive to the bites, take care to avoid scratching the area and take pain killers as soon as you notice them. Besides the pain, bedbug bites can also cause itching and inflammation. If you have itching and swelling, use over-the-counter or prescription steroid cream.

Bedbug bites may also cause a small amount of bleeding. The blood usually shows up as flecks on your sheets. However, in severe cases, these bites may lead to large clusters that look like chickenpox. These clusters may turn confluent. In such severe cases, people can even experience anemia or fatigue. Other people may develop blisters.

In case of a severe reaction, you may have to take antibiotics. However, this is usually not necessary in mild cases. Nevertheless, you should consult a doctor if your itching persists.

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