Baby bed bugs

Baby Bed Bugs – 6 Attributes That You Should Know

Bed bugs are one of the worst pests you would ever find at home. Their way of hiding under the mattress, in couches, dark corners and open cracks, among others, makes it difficult to see them. Also, it is hard to eliminate them since they spread so fast. Before they become adults, they have to undergo five stages of development from egg hatchery, nymph and adults. Below we will discuss some attributes of baby bed bugs.

The size of baby bed bugs

They are about 1.5mm long after hatchery. All through the development stages, they add 5mm in growth. The tiny size makes it hard to spot them, especially when on transparent surfaces. For that reason, you will only spot them while in groups.


They have an oval-shaped that makes them comparable to adults. Thus, there is no difference between them and adults in terms of shape. Their slim and flat body is modified to help them fit in the tiny cracks and openings. That way, it is not easy to locate them.

Movement of baby bed bugs

You will note their short legs that make them slow to move but very fast to hide. Unlike other pests, they do not fly nor jump from one place to another. Their hiding skills make it hard for you to catch them.

Colour of baby bed bugs

After the eggs hatch, they are white. After some time of feeding, their colour changes to brown. The abdomen begins to turn brown slowly, and by the time they are adults, their whole body is brown. The brown colour is a result of feeding.


These pests feed on blood only. They feed using their two antennae’s. One is used to prick the skin while the other sucks out the blood. For them to grow fast, they need to feed often. For that reason, you will note that they feed heavily, unlike the adults. Growth requires energy, and that is why they feed so much.


They only bite at night while you are asleep. Also, their saliva has a way of making your skin numb after they bite you. It is why you will see too many bites on the skin, and you hardly felt it. However, the skin becomes itchy and swells due to an allergic reaction. The bite marks last up to 2 weeks.


Although they do not transmit diseases, their bites can cause allergic reactions on the skin. It is essential to hire professional bed bug specialists or buy specialised bed bug products to help you eradicate them. Otherwise, you will have a rough time living with the animals.

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