Which Ants Don’t Have Wings?

Several different types of ants exist. Some have wings, and some do not. Depending on the species, they can be a hazard to your home. However, the term “wingless” is a bit of a misnomer. Some species have wings that aren’t fully developed, and some have genetics that allow them to grow wings.

The most basic form of ants are wingless workers. These insects function as worker bees, collecting food and maintaining the nest. Some are even sterile, and will not reproduce. The majority of ant colonies are made up of wingless workers.

Wings aren’t necessary for survival, but they do help ants spread out over larger distances. However, the only ants that are actually flying are those that are reproducing.

There are two different types of ants: the reproductives and the non-reproductives. The former can reproduce through swarming, budding, and mating. Those who reproduce through swarming are called alates. The alates, which are ants that have wings, hang around the nest until they are ready to mate.

Unlike the alates, the non-reproductive ants do not reproduce. These ants have a number of other functions. They are scouts, and they carry food back to the nest to feed other ants. They also provide nest protection.

The most impressive ant is the queen. Unlike males, the queen lays eggs, and they grow into the female form. The female form has bigger wing muscles than the male. The female ant may not have wings for a month or two.