How Can Ants Play Dead?

Depending on the species of ants you are looking at, some are better at playing dead than others. Some will play dead when they are threatened, while others may play dead to deceive predating insects.

Fire ants, for instance, are known to play dead. They curl up in order to make themselves appear to be dead. They then uncurl and crawl away from the war zone.

Some species of birds play dead in the same way, although these animals will wait until the predator has stopped paying attention. Other animals, like snakes, will change their body shape in response to physical stimulation.

A small number of species of ants play dead when they are threatened. However, there is no proof that these animals can sense danger or know how to respond to it.

Some ants, like fire ants, play dead in order to deceive other hives. They will carry a dead ant or two away from the hive to their “cemetery.”

Other species of ants, such as ants that live in the soil, play dead when a predator threatens them. They may be a victim of a predator that comes into contact with acid, which kills ants. They also play dead as a way of protecting themselves.

Some species of ants, like carpenter ants, use their pheromones to communicate with other members of the hive. Pheromones are chemicals that ants use to communicate with other ants, which can help them find food sources and sexual relationships.