How Old Do Carpenter Ants Live?

Typically, Carpenter ants live for 6 to 12 weeks from egg to adulthood. However, the length of time depends on the weather, cold weather can extend this period. Carpenter ants feed on honeydew, dead insects, and plant exudates. They are primarily nocturnal insects.

The female carpenter ant is larger than the male. The female carpenter ant is capable of laying up to 20 eggs. The queen carpenter ant has wings and is able to live for ten years or more.

Carpenter ants are small insects, between 1/4 and 1/2 inch in length. They are dark brown to black in color. The size and color of the ants vary according to the species. Some species are also yellow.

Carpenter ants live in colonies. A colony is made up of one queen, several thousands of workers, and swarmers. A mature colony has up to ten thousand workers and may be larger. Carpenter ants prefer wood with a high moisture content.

Carpenter ants lay their eggs in tiny cracks in wooden structures. They then eat extra-floral nectar, sugar, and plant exudates. They also feed on dead insects and dead animals. They build foraging trails, which help them get to food. Carpenter ants are very active during warm seasons and are less active during winter.

Carpenter ant colonies can take three to six years to develop. After a few years, the colony produces winged reproductive ants. These ants establish new colonies near the original one.