How Old is Ants Child?

During their time together, Ant & Dec achieved a plethora of successes. They won the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive National Television Awards. They also released two DVDs. During their years together, they abseiled down a 22-story London Studio.

In 2004, Ant & Dec released a board game. During their time together, they had two children. One of these children was named Hudson. The other was named Louise.

In 2005, Ant and Dec did not participate in the Comic Relief telethon. In a recent interview, Ant discussed their step-daughter situation. He also claimed that Christina Haack only saw their son about nine full days a month.

In 2007, Ant & Dec performed the BRIT Award-winning “Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble.” This song was a part of the Byker Grove storyline. It was also one of the many great Ant & Dec songs.

In 2018, Ant and Dec announced that they would be co-hosting Britain’s Got Talent together. They also announced that they would be returning to Australia. The show will air on ITV and they are also slated to be part of the next series of I’m a Celebrity.

Ant & Dec have become one of the most successful television duos of all time. They have won numerous awards, including the Best Game Show award, and also the Best Music Award. In addition, they have released several hit singles. They also have released a best-bits book and two DVDs.