How Do Queen Ants Lose Their Wings?

Unlike termites, ants have two sets of wings. The first set is called the alates, and the second set is called the drones. The alates only have wings for a short period of time. However, the drones often live longer in their parent nest.

The wings of ants are made from chitin. The muscles that make up the wings are broken down by the queen so she can get nutrition. The ant will use this protein as a food reserve.

A queen ant will leave her nest to mate. After mating, she will begin to lay eggs. When the eggs hatch, she will start building a new colony. The ants will start to produce young to care for the new queen.

The new queen is in charge of looking after the young until they become workers. The workers then take over the duties of the queen. If the queen has no wings, she may be found wandering aimlessly until she is eaten.

A queen ant can live up to a decade. During this time, she will produce thousands of eggs. The eggs will grow to become wingless female ants. The ants will dig a nest in the ground and start producing young. They are also very good at traveling long distances.

Female flying ants use their wings to reach males. The wings are flimsy, and they are damaged by predators or bad weather. Once a female flying ant finds a suitable nest, she will begin raising the first brood of workers by herself.