How Do Carpenter Ants Lose Their Wings?

During spring and early summer, carpenter ant colonies produce winged swarmers. These ants have transparent wings with prominent veins. They are usually black, though they may also have a reddish tint. They do not stay around very long. The ants leave their nests to construct new colonies.

Carpenter ants are terrestrial insects that feed on plant-damaging pests. Their nests are usually found in manmade wood structures. They are attracted to moist conditions, such as leaky pipes, around windows, and showers.

Carpenter ants do not sting, but they can cause damage to homes. They are attracted to excessive moisture conditions, including leaky roof shingles, improperly ventilated attics, and poorly sealed foundation cracks. To prevent an infestation, keep structural wood from getting wet, repair leaks in plumbing and attics, and install cultural practices that prevent ants from invading.

Carpenter ants are attracted to moisture in their nesting sites. These may be rotten trees or woodpiles. To prevent infestations, ensure that trees are kept at least fifty feet away from homes and trim them so branches do not touch the house.

Carpenter ants can cause hundreds of millions of dollars in repairs to homes. Their swarms can occur quickly, causing a major problem. If you suspect carpenter ants, hire a professional ant exterminator to help get rid of them.

Carpenter ants are attracted to moist wood and will build their nests in such places as the foundation of a home, the walls of a basement, the inside of a bathtub, and around a leaky pipe.