Do Male Ants Have Wings?

Whether a male ant has wings or not depends on the species. Some ant species are capable of flying, but most species do not have wings.

During certain times of the year, ant colonies take flight in order to find a mate. These ants are called swarmers. This is the name given to them because they form a swarm, a mass of flying insects that attract predators. While swarms can number in thousands, only a few will actually mate. The majority will die because they are unable to find sufficient water to survive.

During mating flights, a female ant may mate with several males. She then will drop her wings and start a new nest. The new nest will contain eggs and be mated by a queen. These queens are only fertile when they find a nesting site.

Most ant species swarm in the spring or early summer. During these times, weather conditions are warm and humid, which allow winged virgin queens to leave their nests and find mates. They may also start a new colony. The new queens will begin to lay eggs, which will fertilize the ants in the colony.

Winged ants are usually harmless. However, they can still sting. If they are severely irritated, they will fly away from their current colony. When a swarm flies away, the predators cannot catch all of them. As a result, a new infestation can occur. If the infestation is large, it can be difficult to get rid of the ants.