What to Kill Sugar Ants

Keeping a house free from sugar ants can be a challenging task. This is because the ants have the ability to spread disease and carry bacteria. They can also damage wood beams inside your walls.

To kill sugar ants, you can use a chemical solution. However, these chemicals may require more than one treatment. If you aren’t sure which product to use, a trained professional can be of assistance.

One of the more useful ant repellents is cayenne pepper. This pepper has a strong scent that is unpleasant to invading ants.

You can use vinegar to repel ants as well. It is a disinfectant and can also serve as a deterrent against other pests. Dilute the vinegar to make it less toxic.

Another useful ant repellent is essential oils. These can be mixed with water to make a more concentrated solution. You can then spray these around your house. You can also dip cotton balls into the mixture.

Another effective ant repellent is a borax solution. Borax is a natural ant killer and can be used to kill sugar ants. However, borax is toxic and you should be careful when using it around your family. You should also be careful with your pets.

You can also use a glass cleaner and liquid detergent to kill sugar ants. These products can be sprayed around your home or placed in areas where you see ants. After you spray, you can wipe the area down to remove any residue.