Do Black Ants Have Wings?

Identifying whether you have ants with wings can be a tricky thing. If you don’t have a good idea of what you are dealing with, you should schedule a home inspection. A professional exterminator will be able to identify the type of ants you have and recommend a treatment plan that is effective.

A flying ant has four wings: two pairs that are the same in length, and two pairs that are unequal. They are usually black, but they can also be reddish or brown. They also have antennae with elbowed ends, and a waist with a pinched end.

There are two major types of ants: workers and reproductives. Workers are females, and they do all the work in the colony. They can live for several months. They are the largest caste in ant colonies. Reproductives are females who lay eggs. These eggs are used by the queen as a source of nutrition.

Female reproductives, or alates, are sexually mature, and they will eventually leave the colony to establish their own. Some of these ants will become queens, and they will then lay eggs with the wings they have used to fly. They are also called drones.

Carpenter ants are attracted to damp wood, and they are known to burrow into it and make a nest. They also seek protection from predators. They can grow up to one inch long. They are most commonly found in colonies. They may have come into your home by accident.