Can Ants Drink Honey?

Besides being very sweet, honey is also a great source of glucose. Ants are attracted to sugars in foods.

Ants need carbohydrates and protein to survive. Ants are opportunistic feeders. They also get water from food sources. Ants are very poor swimmers.

During dry spells, honey pot ants will eat more nectar. They regurgitate the honey to other ants. This practice helps the colony maintain its food supply.

If you live in an area where ants are a problem, you might consider feeding the ants honey. You can either use diluted honey or pure honey. Pure honey is more watery and sticky. Ants are also attracted to the sweet smell of honey.

Adding water to honey helps make it more appealing to ants. It also reduces its stickiness. You can also try adding grapefruit extract to discourage ants from migrating.

If you have trouble getting ants to feed on your honey, you can try a bait that is made of pure sugar water. Sugar water contains the sugars that ants need in the wild. It is less viscous than honey and makes the job easier for ants.

You can also use a straw to lift the ants out of the honey. Make sure to plug the straw with your thumb. This will prevent the ants from getting stuck in the honey.

Ants are also attracted to sugar water. You can use a straw or aluminum foil plate to feed the ants.