Why Are Spiders Getting Fatter?

In recent years, people have noticed that spiders appear to be getting fatter. If you have a spider, this may be a good thing. However, it is important to monitor its size and eating habits.

Spiders are opportunistic feeders. They eat insects and fungal spores. Some fungi can kill a spider.

Some spiders are vegetarian. Others eat plant matter. According to a recent study, the majority of the 60+ species studied do eat some form of vegetation.

The study was led by Dr Raubenheimer, a former South African native who is now a researcher at Oxford University. He and his team were able to feed wolf spiders a diet of high-protein fruit flies. These spiders gained more weight than the other types of spiders they tested.

Researchers also studied the spiders’ metabolism. Spiders use a digestive system based on proteolytic enzymes. Unlike mammals, arachnids cannot break down complex carbohydrates. Therefore, they must obtain lipids in their diet.

Arachnids can go months between meals. When they do not have insect prey to eat, they may rely on pollen, seeds, and water from flowers.

As the weather warms, more insects are found. This increases the likelihood that spiders will find food.

Some scientists believe the increase in size is due to climate change. Warmer temperatures could mean less energy is spent maintaining warmth.

Similarly, a decrease in insects could mean a greater supply of garbage for spiders to feed on. This is especially true for densely populated suburbs.

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