How Much Do Regal Jumping Spiders Cost?

The Regal Jumping Spider is one of the largest jumping spiders in North America. Its unique coloration makes it easy to identify. This species is also a friendly animal that enjoys being handled.

You can find a variety of Regal Jumping Spiders for sale at pet stores. They are a very popular exotic pet that can cost less than $10.

These spiders are also a great choice for beginners. Their easy care requirements make it ideal for someone who has never kept a spider before.

Despite their small size, these spiders have an adorable appearance. They are more attractive than tarantulas and venomous spiders.

When choosing a container for your jumping spider, you can opt for an open airy room or a small terrarium. However, be sure to create a secure enclosure. As with any pet, the spider should be free from other animals.

Your jumping spider should be fed at least three times a week. To do this, you can either catch or cultivate the food.

To ensure that your jumping spider is healthy, you should provide them with water and a hydrated environment. If they are exposed to a hot temperature, they may suffer from heat exhaustion.

For the best chance of survival, your regal jumping spider should be fed as much as possible. You can feed mealworms, insects, or even pinhead crickets. A good source for this food can be ordered online.

Keeping a regal jumping spider requires little effort, especially if you are willing to learn about the species. While it is a fun and friendly species, it does have a short lifespan.