What Size Are Spider Monkeys?

Spider monkeys are one of the largest of the New World monkeys. They have long legs and a prehensile tail, which allows them to grasp tree limbs. The length of their tails varies from about 35 inches to nearly 3 feet, depending on the species.

They weigh an average of 19 pounds. Adult males have longer canine teeth than females. Their heads and bodies are black or brown.

The gestation period of spider monkeys is from 226-232 days. Females give birth to only one offspring every two to five years. These monkeys are considered to be folivores. This means that they mostly eat plants and fruits. In addition, they feed on insects, seeds, and eggs.

Spider monkeys are social primates that live in small groups. Each group consists of a few dozen animals. During the day, they walk on their feet. But they can also swing from branch to branch. At night, they sleep near their food sources.

Females can be sexually mature at age five. They have an estrus cycle of about 26 days. A male can tell if a female is fertile by touching the clitoris.

Spider monkeys can live up to 25 years in the wild. However, they will not breed in poor conditions. When the group is threatened, it splits into smaller subgroups.

Spider monkeys have large brains for their bodies. While they can climb, they generally walk on two feet. Occasionally they will eat insects or nuts.