Spiders That Eat Stink Bugs

There are several common spiders known to eat Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs. These spiders have impressive fangs. The web carries the prey to the center of the spider’s web where it is immobilized in a silken wrapper.

While there are some spiders that are good at eating, a number of spiders are bad at doing the most. One is the joros. These are tiny slithering insects native to Japan. They don’t seem to be displacing native spiders, but they do feed on a variety of insects you might want to avoid.

Another spider that does something useful is the orb weaver. This spider is very helpful in destroying bugs. In fact, its ability to create a very large, almost mature fruit is often used as a food source.

There are also predatory spiders that are more than just a nuisance. Their ability to snag and eat the stink bug is a clever move.

A good example of this is the Joro spider. It is an exotic invader from Asia that has spread into the United States. Not only does the Joro spider eat stink bugs, it is also a beneficial insect that preys on other arthropods.

Another cool thing about the orb weaver is its ability to snag and eat bugs in the process. When a joros spider finds a BMSB on a plant, it catches it in its web and sucks its juices out of the fruit.

While the orb weaver isn’t the only spider that eats stink bugs, it is probably the most famous. Other insects that can do the same are the jumping spider and the earwig.

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