How Old Do House Spiders Live?

There are over 40,000 species of spiders worldwide, including the common house spider. The life span of a spider varies with species and the environment. Most spiders have an average lifespan of one to two years. Some can live for up to twenty years.

House spiders are usually small, only a few millimetres in length. They have eight legs. Each of their legs is striped. Generally, they have a 50-60 percent body to leg ratio.

Spiders eat a variety of insects. When they catch prey, they use their neurotoxins to paralyze it. This allows them to wrap its meal in its webbing. Depending on the species, house spiders can go months without food.

House spiders typically mate in the fall. Females lay hundreds of eggs at a time. These are then protected from the outside in silk sacs. Once the eggs hatch, the spiderlings resemble smaller versions of adults.

Female spiders lay their eggs in dark, secluded areas. The eggs will take up to five molts before reaching adulthood.

Common house spiders have a brownish or reddish abdomen. Their legs are yellow or orange. At their joints, they have darker rings.

A female common house spider can live up to three years. She produces twelve egg sacs throughout her lifetime. After mating, she encloses the eggs in her silk egg sac.

Male house spiders have a smaller body. They are about four mm in length. During their lifespan, they produce thousands of offspring.