How Much Does Spider Silk Cost?

Synthetic spider silk is being developed for many applications. Some are used for performance outdoor gear, while others are being used in medical devices. It is also being used in the apparel industry.

The market for synthetic spider silk is growing at a very fast rate. Revenues are expected to increase from USD 1.26 billion in 2021 to USD 6.05 billion in 2030. This is mainly because of rising demand for biodegradable materials.

Another factor driving the market is increasing expenditure in defense. In the US, for example, the military relies on nylon for strength. Nylon melts when heated. A synthetic spider silk fiber would be more durable and could replace the use of nylon.

There are a number of biomaterial companies trying to artificially reproduce spider silk. Among the most promising ones is Bolt Threads. Bolt is developing synthetic spider silk by using recombinant yeast with spider DNA.

Its product is entirely biodegradable, which means it does not contain any toxins. Bolt is already producing silk in kilos and has plans to start producing it in metric tons this year. They have three customers who are testing its processes. However, they have yet to release a full prototype of their product.

As for the price of their products, Bolt has said it will cost about the same as premium fabrics. They plan to sell their textiles to some consumers in the next 12-18 months. For now, they are planning to make some demo textiles available to the public.