How Many Spiders Do You Eat in a Lifetime?

Have you ever heard the claim that people swallow spiders while they sleep? The chances of achieving this feat are very low. However, it is a fact that you are likely to have to put up with one or two swarming arachnids while in the midst of a good night’s rest. It is certainly not for the faint of heart.

If you do decide to try the trick, you will have to be extremely lucky. In fact, there are no scientifically validated methods of doing so.

One of the most popular claims is that you can swallow a spider while you’re sleeping. This might be true if the spider is small enough. Unfortunately, most spiders are much too large to fit in your mouth.

As for the number of spiders you could swallow, there’s no reliable information. On the other hand, some estimates suggest that the average person swallows at least eight spiders in a lifetime. For instance, a recent report in the Washington Post states that the world’s population of spiders is equal to 478 Titanics.

However, the same report notes that most of these spiders don’t actually eat humans. Instead, they keep other creepy crawlers in check.

To be fair, some cultures do include spiders in their diet. They can be found in processed food, which means that you might have more than one in your mouth at a time.

But if you are really interested in a spider-eating contest, you should be aware that you might be at the mercy of the arachnids.