How Long Do Spiders Last?

The average lifespan of spiders is about one to three years. However, some species can live for decades. It depends on a variety of factors. For example, species and size can affect the length of a spider’s life. Some species, such as tarantulas, can live for over 20 years.

Some spiders, such as house spiders, will eat often. In other cases, they will go without food for long periods of time. While spiders are generally harmless, they can become ill and suffer from diseases and mite infestations.

Male spiders tend to have shorter lives. Females, on the other hand, can live a long time. A few examples of female spiders that have been documented to live for up to three years are the common house spider and the black widow spider.

The lifespan of spiders can be affected by their environment and by predators. Spiders can be killed by cats, and they can be injured or eaten by other animals. They are also susceptible to fungal infections.

Some spiders are able to remain underwater for extended periods of time. This is possible because they have a chemical inside them that lowers the freezing point of their body fluids.

Several species can live for up to 30 days in the absence of food. Others, such as the wolf spider, can live up to a year under water. Those that are larger, such as the tarantula, can live for a much longer period.