How Long Do Spiders Last Without Food?

There are many things to ponder when it comes to spiders. One question that pops up in my mind is: how long do spiders last? Well, the answer depends on the species. It’s hard to come up with a concrete number, but one can safely assume that some species of spiders can last up to two months.

The best way to go about figuring out how long do spiders last is to take a closer look at their dietary requirements. Spiders are a carnivore, and they will consume anything that is edible. Their diet includes moths, insects, and grasshoppers, among others. Some larger species of spiders also include worms and vertebrates.

Most spiders will not survive a month or more without food, but there are species that are known to live longer. For example, the wolf spider can last for months at a time. Other spiders such as the barn funnel weaver are a bit more short-lived.

The ability to survive for a while without a meal is no small feat. This is due to the fact that spiders have a low metabolism. They have a low energy requirement and can easily digest their food. So it’s not surprising that they will find a way to survive.

A good rule of thumb is that a small spider will last about five days without food. An adult jumping spider can last about a week. Meanwhile, a web-building spider can last several months without feeding.