Do Spiders Live in Bananas?

There’s a new urban legend floating around about spiders living in bananas. In fact, it’s been said that these spiders can travel from South America to North America.

While it’s true that there are several species of spiders that live in bananas, most are harmless. However, there is a small portion that can be deadly to humans.

The main type of “banana spider” is the black widow. This is a common spider in the tropics. Its legs are long and rotate to the side. A white “mustache” runs below its eyes.

Another popular banana spider is the golden silk orb-weaver. These are large, strong spiders that have intricate webs. They prefer warm, humid habitats.

Other types of spiders include the wandering spider and the huntsman spider. Both are found in Latin America. Wandering spiders are known for being venomous.

The golden silk orb-weaver spider prefers warm, humid habitats. It has long, slender legs.

The huntsman spider is a very large brownish spider. It doesn’t lay eggs in flowers, but rather snags insects and birds.

Spiders in bananas are usually from Central or South America. Some spiders make egg sacs that can be found in bananas. Most egg sacs are crushed during shipment, but some survive.

Some arachnologists have examined the spiders in bananas. Several species guard their egg sacs in banana leaf nests.

If you’re concerned about the spiders in your bananas, you can remove them or wipe them away. But be sure to wear thick gloves!