Can Lysol Kill Spiders?

If you want to kill spiders you can use Lysol. But it won’t actually do the job. The reason is that it’s not a spray designed for that. Instead, it’s a cleaner designed to kill germs and microorganisms.

There are some other products out there, however. Some of them are better than others. For example, Windex is one of the best pest repellents around.

You might also want to try out some of the less expensive and more natural alternatives. A good example is peppermint essential oil. Spraying it on a spider will not only drive it away, it will leave a nice aroma.

You can get a similar effect by using a mixture of apple cider, liquid soap, and pepper. Spray it on your door, windows, and other entry points.

Ammonia is another way to keep spiders out of your home. When mixed with water it makes a great repellent. Undiluted ammonia works better and faster than diluted ammonia.

However, you should be careful. Spiders are poisonous, and if they ingest a bit of ammonia it can be deadly. To avoid this, you should be prepared with protective clothing and a spray bottle.

Using a stun gun is another effective way to kill spiders. Just make sure to wear gloves! Alternatively, you can just throw some hairspray on it and let it do the work. It will definitely make it a little bit harder for the spider to move around.

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