Can You Eat Spiders While You Sleep?

There is a widespread urban myth that claims that you can eat spiders while you sleep. This is actually not true. In reality, it is a rather rare occurrence. It has no scientific basis whatsoever, and no real proof to back it up.

However, it is a widely reported event that occurs occasionally. The best case scenario is a single incident in which a sleeping person swallows a spider. Other scenarios involve falling in while breathing, or landing on a face. These are a handful of possibilities, and they all have their merits.

The best way to eat a spider while you sleep is to use a method that combines a variety of factors. First, you should make sure you are not snoring. Spiders do not like to sleep in snorers. Secondly, your mouth needs to be open wide. Thirdly, you need to find a way to feel the sensation, without waking up. Finally, you need to find a reputable restaurant that serves this special meal.

A spider’s ability to sense vibrations and other objects is impressive, but it is not enough to eat it. That’s because, aside from the fact that they can’t live in your stomach, they don’t have venom glands or injectable toxins.

Regardless of how you feel about spiders, they are still not a good idea. Although, you can’t necessarily blame them for that. Their webs can become a choking hazard, and their eyesight is often bad.