Do Spiders Need Water?

If you have a pet spider, you may be wondering whether or not it needs water. Spiders are well adapted to life without water. Some species, such as the koala, get their moisture from the eucalyptus leaves. But the majority of arachnids are not aquatic. They can survive for days, weeks, and months without any liquids.

Spiders can drink from dew on their webs, raindrops, and even small puddles. However, they aren’t very good swimmers. Water is important because it helps spiders to grow and absorb proteins more efficiently. Unlike humans, spiders don’t have internal muscle groups that enable them to move their legs.

The best way to make sure your pet spider has access to water is to provide a large bowl of fresh water nearby. For smaller spiders, you can fill a plastic bottle cap with water and place it in their cage. You can also mist the sides of their cage with a fine mist spray bottle.

While it’s not always the best idea, it’s possible to trick a spider into drinking a glass of water. Just don’t flush it down the toilet. As spiders aren’t particularly waterproof, they’re likely to drown if they’re put in the tub too long.

Most spiders only need water once or twice a day. Younger spiders require a lot more. Larger spiders don’t need as much, but they still need water to stay hydrated.

Aside from consuming food and water, spiders can also survive for long periods of time without those two essentials. One species of spider, the brown recluse, is known to survive for up to six months without food or water. Another, the diving bell spider, can live underwater for more than 24 hours.