Will Silverfish Bite Humans?

Usually, silverfish are not harmful to humans. However, they can cause damage to your home. They can also be a source of disease. If you think you have a problem with silverfish, you should call a pest control expert.

Silverfish are nocturnal creatures. They prefer dark and damp places to hide. Therefore, they can be found in places like your closet and bookcases. Their bodies are thin and flat. The color of their body is gray or blue.

Silverfish can be found on every continent except Antarctica. Generally, they are attracted to sugary, starchy foods. Some of the items they eat include cardboard, fabrics, and paper.

If you are in contact with silverfish, you can have allergic reactions. These can include rhinitis, respiratory problems, and even asthma. Several studies have been conducted on the allergy to silverfish. People who suffer from these allergies should seek medical attention.

Silverfish can live up to a year without eating. To keep them from destroying your belongings, you should seal all of your access points. Also, you should be careful about keeping your house clean. Leaving papers and clutter on the floor can be a breeding ground for silverfish.

Silverfish are considered as the most cursed insects. It can destroy valuable items, such as books and photos of pets. This can be very annoying, especially if you have expensive items in your possession.

When you find silverfish in your home, you may notice it dropping off of your walls, ceiling, and even books. You can catch them by putting them in a container. Alternatively, you can simply throw them away.

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