Can Silverfish Make You Ill?

Silverfish are flat insects that are not poisonous. However, they can cause damage to your home and can lead to allergic reactions. They are attracted to dark, damp spaces.

Although silverfish do not bite humans, they can eat your hair and skin. In addition, they gnaw on wallpaper, books and other paper products. And they can destroy valuable family photos.

You may want to consider contacting a pest control specialist if you suspect that you have an infestation. If you have pets, you’ll want to keep them out of the house.

One way to prevent silverfish is by sprinkling diatomaceous earth on areas where the walls meet the floor. This natural powder is made from fossilized diatoms. It can be found in most hardware stores.

Another method is to seal cracks in the home. Sealing the house can prevent silverfish from entering.

If you have an attic, it’s especially important to clean the area thoroughly. Those who store papers in their attic should use airtight bins.

Using a dehumidifier is another method of reducing moisture. Dehumidifiers can help reduce the risk of moisture-related health problems.

Some people have an allergic reaction to the exoskeleton of silverfish. These byproducts can mix with existing dust and may cause an allergic reaction.

If you think you have a silverfish infestation, contact a pest control expert right away. The first step is to avoid allowing them to eat. Once you eliminate their food sources, you can kill them.