Why Is There Silverfish in My Bedroom?

If you have noticed small, silvery stains and other signs of a silverfish infestation in your bedroom, you might be wondering why. Silverfish are tiny, flat insects that look like fish. They live in dark, moist places.

Although they do not bite humans, they can destroy valuable possessions. To keep them out, you should eliminate their food sources. These include books, cardboard boxes, papers, and other imperceptible sources of sustenance.

Silverfish are nocturnal, and are usually hiding. You may not notice them until they start excreting and causing damage. Some people can have allergic reactions to them, including coughing, itchy throat, and mucus build-up.

Fortunately, you can get rid of silverfish infestations easily. There are several natural repellants. One good option is cedarwood. Distribute a little around your bed and in storage areas.

Another repellent is diatomaceous earth. Apply it in strategic locations, such as along the baseboards, in nooks and crannies, and under furniture.

For extra protection, you can use a dehumidifier. This will help dry out damp areas in your room and drive away silverfish.

In addition, encase your mattress in a cover or mattress encasement. If you do not want to encase your mattress, consider buying an air-tight plastic storage container.

You can also spray boric acid on your mattress and bedding. However, boric acid should not be used around children or pets.

To protect your mattress, remove all traces of sand and dust. Also, wash all sheets and blankets in hot water. Hot washing will remove molted skin and silverfish droppings.

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