Why Does Silverfish Look Like a Fish?

Those who are afraid of insects may wonder why silverfish look like fish. If you’re curious, here are some fun facts about these pests.

Silverfish are also known as bristletails. These fish-like creatures have six legs and metallic brown scales. Their long antenna on their head allows them to feel their way around.

They can be found in moist and dark areas. They are most active during the night. But, they can be a nuisance to humans if they are allowed to infest homes and buildings.

Although they are not a threat to human health, they can destroy your possessions. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent a silverfish infestation. The first step is to understand what silverfish are and how they behave. Knowing why they act the way they do can help you to understand how to avoid them.

Silverfish live in areas with lots of food sources. Most of their food comes from carbohydrates and starches. However, they can also consume protein.

If you want to keep your belongings from being damaged by silverfish, you should remove the source of their food. In addition, it’s best to keep the inside of your home dust free. Having a large buildup of dust will attract these parasitic bugs.

Silverfish will also damage your clothes, paper products, and carpets. Typically, the primary victims of silverfish are clothes with food stains.

Aside from these common household items, silverfish are also attracted to materials with a texture similar to theirs. This includes sand and dirt. Using a vacuum regularly to clean these surfaces will prevent an infestation.