When is Silverfish Season?

Silverfish are small, wingless insects. They are typically found in warm, humid places. The female lays her eggs in cracks, crevices, and other exposed locations.

Depending on the environment, silverfish can live for up to two years. Although they are usually nocturnal, they can be active during the daytime.

Silverfish prefer dark, moist areas. This includes rotted or missing holes, dark corners, and storage containers. They are also attracted to food, books, and other materials.

Silverfish can thrive in almost any climate. However, they do prefer a temperature between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. During winter, they can survive in temperatures as low as freezing.

The silverfish’s lifespan is shortened by a process called diapause. During this time, the blood composition changes and the insect loses its ability to control its body temperature.

Silverfish eggs can be a hazard if left untreated. The female lays one to three eggs per day. These eggs are oval, with a length of about a millimeter.

If you suspect a silverfish infestation, remove the affected items. Seal any dry foods in airtight containers. Also, be sure to keep clothes and other items in sealed containers.

If you can’t eliminate the silverfish, you can hire a professional pest control company. A licensed, certified pest control service can help get rid of the silverfish and prevent future infestations.

To prevent silverfish from entering your home, be sure to seal all cracks and pipes. You should also check around utility pipes and vents.

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